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Water Management

The Concept

The concpt of kamla Enclave is to adopt environment friendly utility systems to create sustainable development to fulfill desired functional goals of a residential township. The concept belives in the “3 R” theries of reduce reuse and recycle. Special care is taken to conserve the valuable resources by employing carefully planned techniques. The utility system are designed to preserve natural resources by waste water recycling and rain water harvesting.


Water Conservation

Normally in a residential development approximate domestic water requirement is 30% and water requirement for flushing and gardening is 70% of the total water requirement. It means by waste water recycling we can cut down the requirement of fresh water to 30% and save precious water resources. A hydro-pneumatic system will be installed to supply water at uniform pressure without the ugly looking elevated water reservoir. All taps in the tollets and kitchen contain special aerators, which increase the force and decrease the outflow saving water . using these aerators, saves up to 50% of water. Another advanced water saving device will be installed in the toilets is the water saves duel flush Cistern, which uses only 6 liters of water as compared to theordinary cistern consuming 15-20 liters of water and traditional flush valves using 30-40 liters of water. Use of drip irrigation increases the water saving. The mess and wastage resulting from watering by pipe is completely avoided.

Solide Waste Management

To avoid air and land pollution, which may be caused due to burning of solid waste, vermicomposting system for conversion of domestic and garden waste into organic manure will be implemented. Biodegradable waste after partial decomposition, vermibeds are used with special species of earthworms for further treatment of the waste. The resulting manure rich in NPK is utilized for gardening purpose. Pollution is an impending and ever-growing menace. Treating solid water is becoming increasingly difficult because of growing population and the resultant overburdened metallic wasres; which will be handled thorugh incinerator to reduce sir and land pollution. Rain Water Harvesting Harvesting / percolation wells can be designed at various locations to store the water collected during monsoons and treated water, which is in excess into underground systems to maintain the water table. A water body / pond will be planned at the lowest level of the compus collecting all the rain waters which will be used for gardening, flushing, fountains, etc.

Power Saving

All the measure helps further to save elecrictity which is ultimately generated using natural resources like water and coal. Thus, the Kamla Enclave will become self reliance and balance development encouraging people for conservation of precious and scare natural resources helping reducing air, water and land pollution.



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